Friday, January 18, 2013

SAT Essay Quotes Will Improve Your Score:

The use of SAT essay quotes is one of the most useful and effective ways to make a truly impressive output during the actual test. Like specific evidence, quotes from popular personalities are great back-ups for any argument.

People are so used to believing in anything they hear. According to a report by Nielsen, consumers and households still depend on word of mouth as their most reliable source of information.
Another report from the same organization said that 70% of consumers from all over the world have faith in customer reviews online.

Although this is slightly different when compared to SAT essay quotes, these statistics show that humans are more confident in believing a particular information if it comes from another person.

Quotations are strong and specific:

If you want to craft the best SAT essay, you must know that giving specifics rather than general information will make your argument stronger.

As you learn how to write the best SAT essay, you will also realize that there are things you need to include in and exclude from your composition to make it more powerful and convincing. When you use quotations from prominent figures, the first impression that you give your reader is that you are updated with what’s happening around you. More than that, you instantly sound smart, knowledgeable, and resourceful.

The good thing about using SAT essay quotes is the fact that they are not as crucial as data and numerical statistics. The latter, which may vary in big or small amounts, needs to be precise and accurate to become influential.

SAT essay quotes can be perfect or not, may include the whole thought or emit some insignificant portions, and can be written in your own words. Of course, it would be better if you could memorize each word according to how the person really said it. Nonetheless, having a few slips on the choice of words can be forgiven.

From the point of view of a perfect SAT scorer, even the use of made-up SAT essay quotes does the trick. When you pair this up with strong evidence, an invented quotation will make your essay sound clever and professional. Just make sure to use a relevant quotation that will keep you focused on your primary topic, and not divert your essay to other unrelated and unsolicited details.

Get Best SAT Essay Quotes

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To sum up - on the SAT, quotations are great because they're specific, supportive, and make you sound smart!